Saturday, April 19, 2008


Pale broken wings,
you're just a little tired from the sky
which is too blue
Don't do it for anyone else
Just smile for yourself

Loneliness is still creeping up,
A candle lit up inside
totally incompatible with a splendid,
bustling party

The hollowness
of the absence of your words,
is it ok just to bury them?
I still don't know

At least within dreams
If I can swim freely
even if there isn't anywhere like that,
Even if everything until now is forgotten,
Even if I can face tomorrow...

The peacefulness of inferiority
won't come true so simply
Settling above your self consciousness
A petal reflected by a mirror

Straining my lungs,
tryin' to call dirtied love,
it's so frustrating

As times are passing
My wounds are cursed
My scabs are changed
You haven't got that
So beautiful
Yet so short lived

After the scabs fall off
Just like the newer,
shorter hair near the scar
My prayer are shaking in the bright light
I won't forcibly try to love you...

Sometimes, in this world
When we try to walk ahead,
it's a little too bright, isn't it?
It's like we're sinking
When we feel like giving up,
the dry land sucks up our tears

Why do we feel so alone anytime?
We don't have to take it all, you know
Why do we feel so alone anytime?
Simple refrain isn't courage

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